Touch to Clean

Abrasive but not scratching

Environmentally friendly because it will make you use less detergent.


Grattina the new abrasive sponge

  • With Grattina you will quickly get rid of dirt and grease without any effort. Unbeatable for all your pans and pots, cutlery and dishes, cookers and sink.
  • Grattina” is made of a metallic fibre from synthetic raw material, knitted with a special structure which allows deep and quick removing of dirt even from delicate surfaces without damages.
  • Grattina” is strong and delicate at the same time and can even be used on non sticky pans.

Products Range

  • Grattina gold.
  • Grattina silver.

Direction for use

  • Grattina can be used dry or wet, only with simple water or with detergent. The result will always be brilliant.
    After use just rinse it with water to eliminate the dirt.

Best Feautures

  • Grattina is environment friendly, in fact you will need less detergent then before.
  • Grattina is convenient; it will never get rusty and is durable.
  • Grattina leaves no rust stains on your sink and do not stink.

touch to cleanCookers
touch to cleanceramic
touch to cleanCutlery
touch to cleanDishes

77% Polyester
23% Polyamide

Made and distributed by:
Intertex s.r.l.

Made in Italy