Guanto magico Touch to Clean

High dust absorbing performance


Deep cleaning and polishing with just one touch.

  • The Touch to Clean® dust eating magic glove is
    made with pure supermicrofibre cut to trap dust
    and dirt easily.
    • As it is a glove and not a cloth, you can reach with the
    fingers the most difficult and hidden places.
    • Resistant, long lasting gloves.

Directions for use

  • The new Touch to Clean® supermicrofibre magic glove is
    excellent on any surface: furniture, wood, brass. steel,
    silver, mirrors and glass, taps and fittings, bathroom and
    kitchen surfaces, leather bags and shoes,car interiors,
    computers, etc.
    • Used when dry, the glove polishes and attracts dust easily.
    • Used when wet, the glove removes all dirt thanks to
    its fine fibres.
    • Leaves no hairs or stains.

Recommended advice

  • Ambidextrous gloves, after use, wear with clean side
    on the other hand.
    • Machine washable up to 60° with usual detergents.
    • Gloves can be used with detergents.
    • Do not use bleach or softener.

touch to cleanWood
touch to cleanSteel
touch to cleanGlass
touch to cleanLeather

100% Polyamid.

Made and distributed by:
Intertex s.r.l.

Made in Italy