Guanto magico Touch to Clean

Exceptional results on all furniture


To clean will be much easier, it will be enough to touch the
surface to dust and NUVOLA the dust catcher will not even
loose a grain of dust until it will be necessary to shake it or
to wash it. The usual cloths on the market normally move
dust, which in part dissolves in the air and later on falls on
the already cleaned surfaces.

Thanks to a patented technical process the fibres of NUVOLA
are set in V*V*V* position through which dust hold without
risk to get lost. With NUVOLA the dust catcher you will not
move dust but you will eliminate it.

Directions for use

  • NUVOLA has to be used dry on any type of surface.
    If you clean vigorously, it is excellent also for polishing
    leather, antiquities, doors, handrails, etc.
  • The dust catcher NUVOLA by Touch to Clean is resistant,
    long lasting and environmentally friendly.
    The dust catcher NUVOLA with really no negative influence
    on the environment compared to the usual “one way”
    products can be used for a very long time. When you
    definitely throw it away, it is completely recyclable due
    its textile origin, a characteristic in favour of the
    environment which we have to save for us and above all
    for our children.

Care instructions

• Machine washable up to 60° with usual detergents.
• Do not use bleach or softener.

touch to cleanbookcases
touch to cleanMarble
touch to cleanLeather
touch to cleanantique furniture

88% Polyamide
12 % cotton

Made and distributed by:
Intertex s.r.l.

Made in Italy