Touch to Clean

Deep cleaning and absorbing

Thanks to the double-face SPONGECLOTH you will forget the usual clothes.


The SPONGECLOTH Touch to Clean® is composed by two different fibres:

  • The white side is an interwoven micro fibre with a very high
    absorbing capacity, the caught liquids and the dirt can be easily
    eliminated by wringing the SPONGECLOTH out. Thanks to its huge quantity of filaments the SPONGECLOTH allow you to get rid of greasy dirt without spreading it on the surfaces.
  • The coloured side is a slightly abrasive high-twisted cotton-
    blend which manages to eliminate the dry dirt without
    damaging or scratching the surfaces.
  • The funny pattern and the pleasant colours make the
    SPONGECLOTH nice to see and not to be hidden after use.


  • The high quality of the raw materials are durable and long
    lasting therefore the SPONGECLOTH offers you a very
    convenient relation between quality and price.

Directions for use:

  • Keep it within reach on your kitchen sink and you will not
    manage without I anymore. Very useful to remove the
    grease from the dishes and to clean the steel surfaces
    without scratching them and making them shiny without
    any effort. The ideal cleaning mate for the bathroom, taps,
    shower and tiles.
    When it gets too wet, simply wring it out and go on cleaning.

Recommended advice

To be used on the white side to clean and absorb on steel, ceramics, porcelains and any synthetic surface. To be used on the coloured side to easily remove dry stains and dirt. Machine washable.

touch to cleanCookers
touch to cleanBathroom
touch to cleanSurfaces
touch to cleanSink

6% Polyamide
22% Cotton
22% Acrylic

Made and distributed by:
Intertex s.r.l.

Made in Italy